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Just because...

We can be wonderous and healthy. (recovery and support)

Sometimes I eat, just to spite your ass.
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1. This is my first community.
2. I made it because I am angry and annoyed with pro-ana/mia communities.
3. I made it because I like food.
4.5. I made it because I want to promote a healthy, positive image of eating.
4. Food is not an/the enemy.
5. Self control is knowning when to stop eating at the appropriate time. Self Control is not, not eating, that's just being stupid.
6. There is nothing wrong with enjoying food.
7. Food is fun!

What did You eat today?

ratticus_rocks is your lovely, wide-eyed mod who is an angry ED fighter. She has punched ED in the nose a good few times, and has flipped him the bird at least once.