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Onion Rice with Eggs and tuna

Hey y'alls,

lenity Gave me a good idea- we should share stuff we've recently made for meals and whatnot. So without further ado, I present to you:

Onion rice and Tuna
(I made this for dinner last night)
You need:

-Cooked white rice
-One white onion
-Eggs (optional)
-One can of tuna
-Soy Sauce
-Olive oil

Pour some olive oil into a fry pan and let it heat up (set to about med-hi). Chop up some onions (if ya like em, add a lot, if ya don't, then just add a little bit for the flavor) and scoot 'em into the hot oil. Saute them till they just start to turn color, then add the egg. Scramble the egg and onion until the egg is cooked, then add the rice. Pour some soy sauce over the rice (be sure to mix it in really well between squirts because you don't wanna over-sauce your rice, then it just becomes gross) add enough so that when you mix it, everything is evenly brown (the rice will turn brown from the soy) You want it to be a light even brown all though out the rice.

Then, open a can of tuna (if ya wanna add other stuff to it go ahead, but I like mine plain) and add some to your plate.


I know it's sort of weird, but I like it ^_^
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