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How to Make SUSHI !!!

1) Short grain rice. Make it. Then take it out and fluff it up.

2) After making the rice (and fluffing/stirring it and letting it cool), add sushi vinegar. Or, if you don't have that, add sugar directly into rice vinegar. Sprinkle an assorted amount, enough to cover the rice. Stir, then let the rice cool. (ratio: 3 cups of rice to a 1/2 cup of vinegar)

3) Get salmon/tuna (or other), rinse the fish clean, and pat fish dry with clean paper towel. Place the plastic wrapped fish in the freezer for 30 minutes. Then take out and slice.

4) Moosh the rice into rectangular bits and put CLEANED (see step#3) raw fish on top. Or you can make a sushi pizza (flattening the rice on a large plate first, then putting sliced fish on top).

If you buy the fish and can't use it that day (also make sure you buy the fish FRESH as bad fish could end up with you and Salmonella/tape worms/etc. parasites having a dance party), put it in the freezer and wait BUT ONLY FOR 24 HRS!!!11one!

If you have anyother questions...ask ME!

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