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Sometimes I wonder:

1) Why anorexic or bulimic people don't exercise to lose weight as opposed to not eating or throwing it up. I'm not mocking anybody; I seriously wonder about this kind of thing.

I hear a lot about how celebrities exercise so much, it's actually considered unhealthy. So why don't they try that venue? It seems that even if it's unhealthy, it's a lot more healthy than starving or hurling. And it's highly effective and long-lasting.

2) What this "perfection" they're looking for is, and where they're seeing it, because I don't see it on anybody. What do they find beautiful about thinness?

3) Why sometimes, parents and friends even support this.


Things I'm proud of, about all of you and myself:

1) We've learned that to be healthy is even more highly effective than anything, and no matter our past, we are making sure our futures are healthy ones.

2) We've learned (either the hard or easy way) that to love oneself is golden, treasured, and perfect in every way.

3) We've learned that to forgive ourselves is the only way we can forgive others, and we are doing so, by varying degrees.

I'm proud of everyone who joined this community. Let's make sure it stays alive, because there are plenty of people out there who will harm themselves seriously, and I think we have a fighting chance to help them.

Peace and love.

P.S.: The questions for the "Sometimes I wonder" part ARE meant to be answered.
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