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Hello dears! I'm Allison, I'm 17 and I saw the disclaimer in riotnotdiet. I like food too and I love being healthy. My hobbies include running, watching movies, working outdoors, going to concerts, and cooking. My favorite foods are sushi and peanut butter. I love any kind of diet drink- all those new flavored ones are fun to try!!! I don't like people who aren't fair, which is hard in a world that isn't fair to begin with. I don't like popularity contest cliques, htey are too shallow and superficial. I am single and not really looking because love happens when you least expect it!! I like to read in my spare time and play scrabble with my dad. I hope this becomes a lively community. One thing I think every new member should do is introduce themselves and mention some things they like or don't like (see above for examples!).
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