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Hi! I just joined this community and I'm pleased that the theme is so positive! :D I'm all for eating healthy and I admit that I slip from time to time. But if there are people to encourage the effort, I'm all for it!

Let's see. I'll share my dinner that I made last night. :D

Mushroom Pasta (serves 2)

1 can - Campbell's Soup Cream of Mushroom (70 calories a serviing)
2 servings of Spaghetti (210 cal a serving)
7 Medium Mushrooms - (about 30 calories)

1 - Boil your spaghetti w/ some salt in the water. Drain and set aside.
2 - Slice and saute your mushrooms in a shallow pan in a teaspoon of olive oil. (Spice your mushrooms up w/ garlic and pepper or whatever else you prefer. :D)
3 - Add the can of Cream of Mushroom Soup.
4 - Using the empty soup can, add 1/4 - 1/2 of water (or milk~)
5 - Cook till creamy and even!
5 - Combine the cooked spaghetti and your yummy mushroom sauce.

Goes good w/ a topping of Mozarella or Parmesean (sp?) cheese and tomatoes. <333

So, that gives you roughly 310 Calories a serving w/out additions. So that's 15% of a 2000 calorie daily diet. :) (I live comfortably on 1000 calories a day so the percentage is larger for me. I'm a relatively small person. :D)

And question! Does anyone do home exercises in this community? I do yoga but I'm looking for something to do @ home that'll get my heart rate up faster and longer. (And I have no equippment.) Any ideas?
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Hey girl! I'm glad you joined.

This community has gone of to somewhat of a rough start, as you can see we don't have many members just yet...so things are sort of slow, hopefully some new blood will get this place going!

I do sit ups and stuff at home, since I can't stretch to save my life (which means no yoga for me...even though I'm sort of interested in it) You could weightlift. I know you say you don't have any equiptment at home, but if you have a couple of dictionaries at home they should to the trick! I find that doing reps of weight lifting mixed with lunges, sit ups (or crunches), push ups, etc really give your heart rate a good kicking. So yes, definately weight lifting I think..well, that's just what works with me.

However, I know you say at home but...the pool is a great place to get some reallly good cardio in!

Awesome! Thanks! I'll give those a try. :D I do need to be doing more weight lifting. Gotta get stronger! :D Thanks!
You could try pilates... it's like yoga, but faster and more aerobic-y. And on the wondrous line of sit-ups mentioned, my mom (who's into yoga) got one of those humon-ger-ous balls, and you can do sit-ups and all sorts of exercises on them, and it's harder because now you have to do the exercise AND not fall on your ass. =) But 'tis great when you do a lot of exercise and need another push.
Right! Actually, I forgot to mention that I have one of those balls and I do perform alot of pilates type exercises with it.

I guess I'm trying to find something more strenuous that I can do at home. :D