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Zee Manifesto?

Thanks for joining!

My name's Erin, I'm 17 and live in Seattle, WA . I had a bout with Anorexia about three years ago (I also had Moroccan food last night, and my GOD how freaking awesome it was!!). What a bitch she is. Total complete bitch. This community is the big F-U sign that I'd like to tape on the backs of all those thinspiration bullshit communities.

Thus far it seems to be a rather tiny bunch, but it's okay since we kick ass anyways. I really do hope we grow into a recognizable force, and I do hope that this community will help lots of people who have food/weight issues.

So anyway, last night I wrote this thing and It's a little long so I will put some under a cut, I don't know if I should post this to the info part but whatever. Without further ado:

"You have to take CARE of your body. Your body is like a pet- would you starve your own puppy? The pursuit of any human defined "perfection" is pointless, because we humans are NOT perfect. If we were perfect, the world wouldn't be how it is today. The lack of perfection in the world is what makes it so great. The imperfection of the world is what makes it diverse. And to enjoy that diversity is to accept the imperfection.

Certain people would say they starve themselves because they want to be 'In control.' I don't know if it's just me, but how can you be in control of something that you are a slave to? Willingly starving is not taking care of yourself, and it certainly shouldn't be considered a 'way of life' since it ends up killing you. What a load of horse cock. Goddamnit.

In my eyes,perfection is a crock. A scheme to some how organize this world. Perfection is the lazy persons way of doing things. If everything was perfect, life would totally suck. Sure, the bills suck, the PMS sucks, the bitching parents and the grades suck, but if we didn't have those things, life would be dull. We'd get tired of the perfect. Nothing lasts forever, and I'm not saying that to be tragic, but that is the constant of change, which is why nothing can ever be perfect.

I'm getting a little off topic here...we're supposed to be celebrating food and our bodies and the goodness of how to live and deal with things.

Sorry if I'm sounding preachy.
I'm angry.

It is a far more greater achievement to accept yourself, than to reject yourself. To throw yourself away, to voluntarily 'waste away' so that you can reach some vegetable state. It's eaiser to tear the paper up than to fold it into a crane.

Oh and for christsakes, quite buying into that 'ana creed' crap. Freakin' BRAINWASHING.
What the hell. I am so pissed off.

And, damnit all! I know how it is. It's that voice that never fully leaves you. Once you buy in to Ana and her bullshit, even after you've punched ED in the face and flipped him the bird-

There's that bastard little voice that Just. Won't. Leave.

You know what voice I'm talking about. As soon as we started on that horribly dark and fuzzy path it's been talking to us. And when we think we've finally left it, gone to other roads, it whispers from the cracks:

'You're looking a tad chubby and your pants don't fit the way they used to, when you were thin, maybe you should stop eating for a couple of days, just to fix it, just to put things right trust me-'

STOP! Shut. Up. Damnit!

You know what I'm talking about?

It begins to tear at you, on the inside, "Do I eat? Do I not eat?"

That is why we are here. To not only promote pure good yummyness, but to empower and excite each other. I swear to god there is a fire lit under my happy healthy ass, and I hope this community will do the same to all of you. Or at least warm it up a little bit.

We are all damn strong.

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